Think about everything the world is going through right now - the coronavirus, pollution, hazards and much more. Is the mask you're wearing protecting you from all of these hazards? Choosing a mask is a life-worthy decision. Choose wisely

Sterimask is a fast emerging, strong and dynamic partner to the healthcare industry and a distinguished manufacturer of a wide range of protective face masks, including N95 and 3ply masks.

We are a brand from the house of Medicap, a world-class pharmaceutical packaging company with a diverse portfolio and decades of experience. As a trusted partner to pharma industries, healthcare professionals and consumers across the world, we are fast emerging with a comprehensive range of critical care products.

Armed with in-depth industry knowledge, we have diversified our product portfolio to manufacturing high-grade N95 and 3ply face masks.

For us, quality is interwoven in our company's fabric. That is why we focus on in-depth research with our qualified team to deliver multi-layer, high-grade masks that protect you from infection and pollution.

Our vision is to innovate for tomorrow and enhance patient care, with a sharp focus on quality and excellence, and on delivering world-class products. We present here a range of products that are manufactured in CE and FDA registered and ISO certified facilities.

World-Class Hygiene

Utmost care and
precaution is taken during
the entire mask
manufacturing process to
deliver higher quality.

Production Capacity

Our facilities have the capacity
and flexibility to manufacture
at higher volumes.
Thus giving us an edge over
others to deliver faster.

Driven By Purpose, Guided By Values

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