Manufactured with Highest Standards, To Meet Any Need

Sterimask manufactures products from its state-of-the-art and efficient manufacturing unit at Vadodara, Gujarat.

Spread over an area of 1,40,000 sq. ft., these ultra-modern production facilities adhere to the highest international quality standards and are follow rock solid safety guidelines with highly validated processes. Our facilities have high-levels of automization, ensuring minimal human interface in the production process.

At peak capacity, our facility can produce ----- million masks per month.

To meet the urgent and rising need of Masks with high quality and reliability, our facilities have the request capacity and flexibility to manufacture higher volumes. This giving us an edge over other manufacturers to cater to a constantly fluctuating and rising need for Masks across the state and the country.

Our mask are manufactured in an ultra-modern clean room facilities adhering to extremely tight hygiene requirement.

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